Gavel Resources

We turn tailor-made solutions built on our
team’s vast knowledge and experience into
measurable results for our clients.

Knowledge. Experience. Results.

Gavel Resources is a leading government relations and strategic consulting firm. Our outside of the box approach and multifaceted strategy cuts through the public policy process to provide our clients with the hands-on seasoned experience they deserve. With our deep first-hand knowledge of the most complex and demanding issues and access to key decision-makers, the Gavel Resources team has a solid reputation of working effectively at the intersection of the legislative, regulatory and political arenas to provide the unique tailor-made solutions needed to achieve impactful results for our clients.
Our experts are adept at helping clients to navigate the terrain of Washington, DC. From legislation and regulations to the political inside knowledge, Gavel Resources tackles every client challenge to drive actions on the most complex and demanding public policy issues of the day.
Former policy makers and experts from the halls of Congress, the White House and regulatory agencies work here. Not only does Gavel Resources understand the most complex and demanding public policy issues, we have lived them.
Gavel Resources thrives at the center of action. Using a unique outside of the box approach, our team turns challenges into success stories and measurable outcomes for our clients.

"This is not an assembly-line government affairs office, where you’re just one of hundreds of clients. At Gavel Resources, you get effective results from a strategic, experienced team."

Vice President, Government Relations, National Trade Association